Zucchini Bread

Dear Zucchini Bread:

Sorry for underestimated you for all of these years,



Apparently, one of my boyfriend’s fav sweets are zucchini breads, so of course I had to bake a vegan version of that.  I have never tasted a zucchini bread so I had no idea of how it supposed to turn out or taste. All I know is that the bread I baked was DELICIOUS! After the experience of working with zucchini and reading so many zucchini recipes I can compare zucchini with carrots. Zucchini Bread: Carrot Cake, Zoats: Coats, Zucchini Pancakes: Carrot Cake Pancakes, so it makes sense to add zucchini to anything!

This bread turned out to be moist and with the sweetness that I like. I added almonds to my recipe. I saw that many recipes added walnuts, cashews or almonds as well and also raisins. The macros for this Zucchini Bread are: 6g Fat 21g Net Carbs 9 g Protein.


1 cup gluten free flour

1/2 cup pea protein powder

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup sliced almonds

cinnamon and ginger powder to taste

a sprinkle of sea salt

1/4 cup agave

1/2 cup soy milk

1 cup water (approx)

1 cup of thinly shredded zucchini


1- Pre heat the oven at 350F.

2- In a bug bowl, mix all of the dry ingredients.

3- Incorporate the liquid ingredients into the dry mix and stir until everything is incorporated.

4- In a greased loaf baking mold, pour all of the batter. Let cook for 40 mins.

5- Before taking it out make sure that it is fully baked by doing the fork proof. If it is done, take it out of the oven and let cool a bit.

6- Take out from the pan and slice it into 8 pieces.

7- Enjoy!