I am pretty sure that pancakes are society’s preferred breakfast. They are delicious, sweet, fun and suitable for any lifestyle (meat eaters, paleos, vegetarians, vegans, etc). Thinking about pancakes one day, I wondered who was the genius that invented this glorious food.

The Romans where the first to officially cook pancakes. They called it “Alita Docial” (another sweet). Alita Docial consisted in a mix of flour, milk and eggs that was fried and served with honey and fruits.But in the Native America, another version of pancakes was created which contained buckwheat flour and baking powder in addition to flour, milk and eggs. Eventually, North Americans added butter.

This was a brief description of how pancakes were created for you to know a fact. Actually, around the world, they are the famous food for breakfast, dessert and savory dishes that cannot miss in any cultural meeting.

My way of making pancakes is pretty easy. I only use flour, a protein powder (I use pea protein), maca powder, spices (like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or turmeric), water for mixing and maybe a bit of organic agave. That is my base recipe or the Original Pancake Mix. Below you will find many pancakes flavor like banana, chocolate and other creations.

wp_20161026_010 Banana

Banana Pecan Pancakes (4) Banana and Pecan 

WP_20151107_004Banana Vegan Pancakes

Berry Granola


 Chocolate Peanut Cup

WP_20150226_005 Coconut Mocha

wp_20161220_006 Coquito

img_0271 Cornmeal

WP_20151031_014Espresso Cocoa Peanut Spread 

WP_20141223_006 Ginger and Molasses

20160713_075120Heart Shaped Chocolate Pancakes

WP_20141119_013 Pear 

WP_20160607_010 Piña Colada Pancakes

20160929_080524Protein Packed


WP_20150126_009 Strawberry and Banana

WP_20151101_009Vanilla Topped with Pecan Spread Ice Cream


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