Vegan Protein Waffle


Now that I had master “The Waffle Technic”, I want to make waffles anytime! So, I will provide you more waffles recipes and ideas!

This waffle is special because I added a vegan protein powder. When I had my eating disorder, my nutritionist told me to start using a protein powder and to add it to my smoothies. I was vegetarian by that time, so I consumed whey based protein. But when I got better, I stopped using protein powders because I could consume enough protein from yogurt, eggs and salmon. Little by little, I became vegan and consequently, my protein intake decreased. Thanks to my own business, I met a personal trainer who recommended me to use a vegan protein powder which I could add to smoothies, pancakes, waffles and even to my SPREADS!


This vegan protein powder is from Nutrilite and is a blend of soy, wheat and pea proteins. 2T of this high quality protein offers you 10g of vegan protein.

For now, I had only try it in pancakes and waffles. The characteristics that I love the most of the Nutrilite vegan protein powder is that:

1- It does not change the flavor nor the texture of your food.

2- It dissolves fast and completely.



yield: 1 servving

1/3cup whole wheat flour

1T milled flax seed

1T coconut flour

2T Nutrilite vegan protein powder

2tsp organic blackstrap molasses

water for mixing





1-Pre-heat the waffle iron on maximum heat.

2- Prepare you waffle batter by mixing the dry ingredients first and then, adding the liquid ingredients.

3- Add the water until consistency.

4- Pour all of the batter into the waffle iron and flip. Wait three minutes and flip again. Wait three more minutes, turn off the iron and carefully, without burning yourself, take out the waffle and serve it on a dish.


5- Add the toppings and enjoy!