Vegan French Toasts


Vegan French Toasts or Deconstructed Pistachio Spread Sandwich? Either way you want to named this dish, it is extremely  DELICIOUS! This french toasts are very soft and juicy and a little bit crunchy in the outside. I soaked them on coconut milk with coconut flour and flax seeds. The coconut flour made the outside crunch layer and the flax seeds make the mixture egg-like texture. I mix them with coconut milk and a splash of vanilla and of course my favorite spices (cinnamon, turmeric, ginger) and a pinch of salt. Every time I make french toasts, I pinch the bread with a fork so the liquid will get into it easily and they will be juicer (that’s my trick).

I ate this glorious french toasts with a Pistachio Spread Sauce, kiwi and papaya.



yield: 1 serving

1 bagel cut in four pieces or your favorite choice of bread

coconut milk (about 1/3 to 1/2 cup)

1T milled or whole flax seeds

1.5 T coconut flour

1tsp vanilla

cinnamon, turmeric and ginger powder to taste

a pinch of sea salt




Pistachio Spread Sauce (mix the same amount of Pistachio Spread with milk)



1- Mix the coconut flour, flax seeds, spices and coconut milk in a bowl and set aside.

2- cut the bagel and pinch it softly with a fork.

3- Take one or to pieces of the bagel and soak them in the coconut batter. Let them for a few minutes (about 2-3).

4- Turn on your stove top on medium heat and add organic coconut oil to your cooking pan.

5- Transfer the soaked breads to the cooking pan and let cook 2 or 3 mins, flip and cook 2 more minutes.

6- While those are coking, soak the remaining two pieces of bread.

7- Once the first french toasts are done, transfer them to the serving dish.

8- Repeat the process with the remaining bagel pieces.

9- In the meantime, prepare the Pistachio Spread Sauce, I use about 2tsp or 1 T of Spread and mix it with the same amount of milk.

10- Drizzle the Pistachio Spread Sauce on top and add your choice of fruits.