Vegan French Toasts Stuffed with Almond Spread

As I had told before, I am not a bread eater because I am very picky with each type of bread consisting of their ingredients. But when it comes to Baby Blue Bread, the Coconut one, I do not think it twice! Really, this is the best coconut bread in the World! It is sticky and with the perfect coconut sweetness. It even has coconut shreds on each slice. This bread is also a perfect pair for the Icadelicias Pistachio Spread.

Besides the coconut bread she also has brown sugar, oats with honey and raisins. The peculiarity of these breads is that they have no bromate, nor artificial preservatives nor any unhealthy ingredient that a commercial bread can contain. You can contact her in her Facebook page: Baby Blue Bread.

For the french toasts, I first did an Almond Spread Sandwich (you may use any other Icadelicias Nut Spread) and cut it in half. I soaked the sandwich in my mixture of coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla and coconut flour. I used coconut flour to add a consistency to the mixture and it also builds a nice texture to the french toasts once they are cooked in the pan.


yield: 1 person

2 slices of Baby Blue Bread Coconut

Icadelicias Almond Spread (or other)

1/2 cup coconut milk

1 T coconut flour (may substitute with cornmeal or flax-seed meal)

1/2 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Fruit of choice


1- Make a Nut Spread sandwich and cut it in half.

2- In a container mix the coconut milk, coconut flour, cinnamon and vanilla.

3- Soak the halves in the mixture. In the meantime, turn on the stove top on medium heat and drizzle organic coconut oil.

4- Make sure the sandwich is well damp with the mixture and transfer it to the hot pan. Cook for 5 minutes approximately on each side or until the outside of the french toast turns brown.

5- Once cooked, transfer them to the serving dish and add your choice of fruit.