Vegan Crepes


Well… to be sincere… I supposed to make pancakes but the batter was too liquid so the result was a crepe when I pour the batter in the pan. Nonetheless, it resulted very fun, creative and colorful. I filled and topped the crepes with a mixture of banana, purple grapes, cashews, a little bit of Icadelicias Pistachio spread and water. I finally added pieces of mandarin orange to make them more colorful, nutritious and sweet.



Yield: 1 person

For the filling:

2T cashews

1/2 frozen and chopped banana

1/2 cup purple grapes

2tspn Ixadelicias Pistachio Spread

1/2cup of water

For the crepe:

1/3 cup whole wheat flour

1/8 tspn baking powder

A pinch of sea salt

Cinnamon to taste

About 1/2cup of water


Mandarin orange



For the filling:

1-Add all of the ingredients in a small food processor until well mix.

2- Store im the refrigerator to maintain it fresh.

For the crepe:

1- Mix all of the ingredients with thwe water in a bowl until completely mix.

2- In a hot pan with the fire on medium heat, drizzle coconut oil.

3- Pour an amount of the batter in the pan and cook until the borders turn crisp.

4- Flip and cook 30secs more.

5- Transfer the crepe to the serving dish.

6- Repeat the process wih the remaining address.


1- Add about 1T of the filling into the crepe and roll it.

2- Repeat with the other crepes.

3- Drizzle the filling on top of the crepes and finish the arnishing with the orange.