Vegan Coconut French Toasts


I have been trying to make vegan french toasts since a long time. This morning, I did my first vegan french toasts. I used an adaptaion from Simply Quinoa ( IG:simolyquinoa). You should follow her page and Instagram because she has healthy, creative and super fun recipes.

I used the coconut bread form Baby Blue Bread to make the french toasts, This bread is my favorite because ir is naturally sweet, fluffy and really moist. Baby Blue Bread Coconut Bread also has coconut shredds inside each slice. For the vegan french toasts batter, I used flax seed meal, Bob’s Red Mills organic, unsweetened and unsulfured coconut shreds and almond milk.

The process is very simple and quick to prepare. I topped the french toasts with strawberries and the remaining mixture of coconut shreds amd flax seed meal.



Yield: 1 person

3 slices Baby Nlue Bread Coconut Bread

1tsp flax meal

2T coconut shreds

Approximately 2/3 cups of almond milk

Additional: chopped strawberries

*I am pretty sure that the Pistachio spread will perfectly pair whi this Coconut Vegan French Toasts.*



1- Prepare the mixture of milk, coconut shreds and flax meal in a recipient.

2- Turn on a pan on medium heat and drizzle coconut oil.

3- Soak a slice of bread in the mixture and flip until it is completely coated.

4- Put the bread in the oan and cook for 1.5min approximately or unti, the french toast is becoming firm. Flip and cook another 30secs-1min.

5- Repeat the process with the other slices.

6- Transfer the cooked french toasts to the serving dish and add the strawberries or any topping.