Fall’s Vegan Risotto

Risotto is and Italian dish primarily made with rice and cheese. It should have a sticky consistency and a buttery and cheesy flavor. Risotto is a dish that requires time, patience and love for it to be perfectly cooked even if it is vegan or not. This risotto is made of QUINOA instead of rice … Continue reading Fall’s Vegan Risotto

Sweet Plantain Sandwich, Crepe, Wrap and Salad

  If you had come to Puerto Rico you must had eat sweet plantain! It is a latin vegetable that have different forms in the kitchen. You can make tostones, amarillos, mofongo, soup, canoes or puree. There exist the yellow and green plantain. OF course the yellow one is the sweet one and is the … Continue reading Sweet Plantain Sandwich, Crepe, Wrap and Salad

Toasts with Fried Eggs and Sparragus

These toasts are a classic so you have to try it. They really easy and quick to do, they have few ingredients and are very nutritious. I love egg yolks and to deep my bread in them. The fried eggs have a touchof paprika. The sparragus were cooked in a pan and the almonds were … Continue reading Toasts with Fried Eggs and Sparragus

White Bean and Sparragus Soup

I was really excited to make this classi soup! It turned out a fantastic recipe for a delicious and healthy dinner. It was very easy, fun and quick to make. I added rosemary which make this soup really refreshing for a ligh meal. I ate this soup as a main dish with a tilapia fillet … Continue reading White Bean and Sparragus Soup

El Mesón Sandwiches

                                                                                                              … Continue reading El Mesón Sandwiches

Bean Salad

For Thanksgiving I made my own bean salsad which includes black, red, and white beans with mushrooms, kale, green peppers, and onion. It is very easy to make because you don't even have to cook the beans. You can eat this healthy plate either cold or hot. You can serve it as a vegan dinner course … Continue reading Bean Salad