Eggplant Filled With Hummus

Eggplant is a purple vegetable rich in antioxidants. This vegetable is an excellent source for vegans and vegetarians. Eggplant can be cooked in multiple ways and you can make extraordinary dishes with it. I make this filled eggplant with a homemade hummus. This dish is ready in only 15mins. It depends on the compliments that … Continue reading Eggplant Filled With Hummus

Green Waffle

This Green Waffle adds up to my collection of color recipes! They are super healthy because they are mixed with spinach juice so you'll be like Popeyes! In this waffles you can get some of the benefits of the spinachs such as vitamins and minerals. This can be a great breakfast for those skeptical people … Continue reading Green Waffle

Papaya Ice Cream

Papaya is another super healthy tropical fruit. It is best known for its digestive benefits and is most consume as a shake. This time I made an ice cream. I purely add one banana and one cup of papaya. This two refreshing ingredients make a perfect flavor for me so I did not add vanilla … Continue reading Papaya Ice Cream

Oatmeal Waffles

Practice makes perfection! There is no doubt of that. each time I cook my waffles, they are better! They have better texture and flavor. This Oatmeal waffle is super fluffy and crunchy. Would you believe if I told that I did not used egg neither banana? Incredibly, not! I only used chia seeds and oats. … Continue reading Oatmeal Waffles

Carrot Cake Waffle

Seriously, this Carrot Cake Waffle is the best waffle I has made so far. They look empty and simply but I did it on purpose to trick you. The surprise is in the inside, in each bite you take. It has carrot shreds and raisins. Besides, occasionally, you may have a bite of ginger and … Continue reading Carrot Cake Waffle

The Green Waffle

This green waffle will power up your morning. You will feel like Hulk! I made this waffle by mixing my ingredients with spinach juice that I blended. Then, I added vanilla and coconut essence to hide the vegetable taste. Be sure to use white ingredients as possible because otherwise your waffle will not be that … Continue reading The Green Waffle

Mango Pancakes

If life give you mangoes...make everything mango! Lately, I had make mango juice, ice cream, jelly, desserts and so far: oats, crepe, waffle and pancakes. It has bring a unique flavor to all these mango recipes. They bring a natural sweet flavor and brilliant color. It also brought a smooth and juicy texture to the … Continue reading Mango Pancakes

Curry Pancakes

I once added curry to a crepes and they tasted incredibly amazing so I decided to make curry pancakes. This pancakes have vanilla, brown sugar and curry. They tasted sweet and unique. The feeling in your mouth is not spicy but a little bit hot. The moistness in them makes you not to use any … Continue reading Curry Pancakes

Crepes With Froyo On Top

Dessert for breakfast? What do you think of this vanilla crepes topped with froyo? I garnish them with granada arils, homemade mango juice with ginger, tumeric and water and a drizzle of coconut oil on top of the cold ice cream. For the froyo, just scoop greek yogurt into a small recipient and store it … Continue reading Crepes With Froyo On Top

Peachy Pistachio Waffles

This waffles have pistachio, peach, dark chocolate and a greek yogurt suce. The pistachios in the mixture give it a crunchy texture. The dark chocolate chips still melting inside the waffle and it gives a sensation of eating a creamy chocolate cake. The peaches are ideal for some refreshing on summer and the greek yogurt … Continue reading Peachy Pistachio Waffles