More PB + Chocolate Creations!

No, I am not obsessed with PB and chocolate  What makes you think that?! I recently posted my recipe of Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes and I had the idea of making it as a waffle. The idea really appeared because yesterday's night my roommate cooked waffles and it smelled very good. Basically, the procedure for this waffle … Continue reading More PB + Chocolate Creations!

Chocolate Waffle and Two Topping Ideas!

What do you like about waffles? I like the texture of it. I like the contrast that it has that it is toasty or crunchy in the outside but in the inside they are warm, moist and soft. What I also like about waffle is that the topping process is more fun! You can make … Continue reading Chocolate Waffle and Two Topping Ideas!

A Funnier Twist to your Nut Butter Sandwich

Give a twist to your nut butter sandwich with this waffle sandwich! Instead of using two slices of bread, use halves of a waffle. Waffles make everything funnier and more delicious. You may see the waffle green and it is not your eyes, it is not that you are color blind, the waffle is actually … Continue reading A Funnier Twist to your Nut Butter Sandwich