Paradise Pancakes

Smooth. Sweet. Fluffy. Nutritious. Delicious. Instead of adding a mashed banana to the batter, I decided to add banana slices to the pancake in the pan. It added a layer of smoothness and sweetness to the dish. Besides, when you heat bananas, their flavor is maximize and you will also get a delicious aroma in … Continue reading Paradise Pancakes

Wonderful Cornmeal Pancakes

I love cornmeal, I do not why but they have sch a texture that I just like it so much! I like cornmeal for breakfast, arepas or even "sorullitos de maíz" (It is the only fried food that I eat, but I just cant resist them. Besides, they pair along with beer xD) Well, these … Continue reading Wonderful Cornmeal Pancakes

Vanilla Vegan Pancakes Topped with Pecan Spread Ice Cream

"Pancakes topped with Ice Cream?", "Is that even possible?", "Does the ice cream melts?" Yes, those are Vanila Vegan Pancakes topped with Pecan Spread Ice Cream: G L O R Y! It is the funniest way to eat your pancakes because you already have the sweetness of the ice cream and secondly, the ice cream will … Continue reading Vanilla Vegan Pancakes Topped with Pecan Spread Ice Cream

Banana and Strawberry Pancakes

Strawberry with bananas? Or bananas with strawberries? Anywyas, it is a famous combination of two sweet and nutritious fruits. Bananas are known for there potassium and electrolytes. This amazing fruit is recommended before, during or after a workout because it gives energy. Bananas are very useful in the kitchen. They can be used as eggs, … Continue reading Banana and Strawberry Pancakes