Crispy Baked Tofu

I am so in love with Fit Vegan Chef Crispy Baked Tofu that I am considering to include this recipe in my day-to-day cooks. This crispy baked tofu is high in protein, delicious in flavor and rich in texture. Fit Vegan Chef is a nutrition and exercise coach plus she is a champion of some bikini … Continue reading Crispy Baked Tofu

Gnocchis from Scratch and Avocado Sauce

Homemade ñoquis was an exciting, adventurous, frustrating but fun and successful experience. Ñoquis o gnocchis (the Italian grammar) are a type of pasta originated from Italy. Instead of being made with flour, these are made with mashed potato and flour. I consider these more nutritious because you have the benefits for the potato (fiber, minerals and vitamins) … Continue reading Gnocchis from Scratch and Avocado Sauce

Pasta with Tofu in Pumpkin-Basil Sauce

An "Italian voyage" with this pasta dish!  I made penne pasta and cooked tofu with soy sauce and garlic. Then, I warmed the pasta and the tofu with a pumpkin-basil sauce. This only consist in pureed pumpkin and basil. I love basil so much and I added this leave to almost every sauce I do. … Continue reading Pasta with Tofu in Pumpkin-Basil Sauce

Tofu Salad

I made this salad that consist of tofu, sauteed onions, baked potatoes and lettuce. It is a simple salad and you can add colors with tomatoes or carrots. I cooked the tofu with soy sauce and garlic. These are strong but balanced ingredients that will add flavor to the tofu. I compared tempeh vs tofu … Continue reading Tofu Salad

Tomato Cashew Sauce

I don't know if you have been connected with my IG or FB account; if so, you may noticed that the Cashew Spread has been my new Peanut Spread (xD). I am in LOVE with the CASHEW SPREAD because it's flavor is so soft that you can use it either in sweet or salty dishes … Continue reading Tomato Cashew Sauce