An Update to My Peanut Granola

Peanut Spread Granola, definitely for peanut lovers! Although the peanut flavor is not dominant, the after state might. This granola thanks to Naturally Sassy is unique. It has a perfect crunchy texture (not too crunchy that it will hurt my jaw and neither soft or gooey. The flavor is smoky and slightly burnt but delicious. This … Continue reading An Update to My Peanut Granola

Oil Free Granola

Granola is a food that must of us like. It has a nice texture, flavor plus it is very versatil. But unfortunately, store-bought granolas can contain unwanted fats and sugars. In order to control that intake, it is better to prepare homemade granola. The challange is: what recipe to choose that it may not ended … Continue reading Oil Free Granola