Green Waffle

This Green Waffle adds up to my collection of color recipes! They are super healthy because they are mixed with spinach juice so you'll be like Popeyes! In this waffles you can get some of the benefits of the spinachs such as vitamins and minerals. This can be a great breakfast for those skeptical people … Continue reading Green Waffle

Green Oats

This oatmeal was delicious! Don't be afraid of trying new things beacuse they can surprise you. In order to consume more veggies one useful technic is"hidding" them in your food. This brilliant green color comes from juiced spinachs. For them to taste like breakfast I added vanilla and coconut essence to the cooking oats and … Continue reading Green Oats

Rasberries, Figs, Coconut, Pecans and Spinach Salad

I created this AMAZING salad. After this, all you will want to lunch is this sweet, fun, healthy and delicious salad. It contains rasberries, coconut shreds, figs, pumpkin, pecans and wilted spinachs. The essence of this recipe is how each ingredient compliment in order to activate all the phytochemicals, nutrients and properties that will bedelivered … Continue reading Rasberries, Figs, Coconut, Pecans and Spinach Salad