Having REAL Cherries For The First Time In A Nice Cream

My first time eating REAL cherries was during my trip to Argentina. hen I was a little girl, I did not like the fake cherries that were used to top ice creams and my sister or dad always eat them. FAKE cherries are unpitted and bathed in red coloring and corn syrup. But when I … Continue reading Having REAL Cherries For The First Time In A Nice Cream

Peanut Ice Cream

Peanuts are the most popular nuts. They are mostly consumed as butter and in cocktails. They are healthy for the heart, and contains healthy fats and protein that are makes us feel full of energy. They are ideal for consuming after or before a workout with a kind of fruit. With peanuts, I can make a lot … Continue reading Peanut Ice Cream

Apple Pie Crepe

Seriously, this crepe is truly amazing. What I love the most from apple flavoring are the healthy spices that are added such as cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and sometimes allspice or anise. You can taste these flavorful and aromatic spices plus the apple in this fall crepe. I mixed the batter with an apple juice … Continue reading Apple Pie Crepe

Pumpkin French Toasts

  We are beginning September and falls is approaching. I made this soft and warm Pumpkin French Toast. Is separate bowls, I spread the pumpkin puree with the spices and in another bowl, I frothed the egg whites. I damped the whole wheat bread in the pumpkin spice puree and then I passed it through … Continue reading Pumpkin French Toasts

Green French Toasts

I have to mention that I was too excited to make this french toasts because I wanted to see the result of the green color but I was not too sure about the flavor because spinachs have a strong veggie taste. Non the less, the result was an explosive and indescribable taste! I added 1T … Continue reading Green French Toasts

Overnight Mango Oatmeal

If you liked the Hot Mango Oatmeal, you would like this Overnight Mango Oatmeal more! Since the mango juice is not cooked, the flavor preserves and keeps its natural intensity and all of the nutriments. Once again, I used my own mango juice with ginger, tumeric and water. I added some oats into a ceramic … Continue reading Overnight Mango Oatmeal

Green Waffle

This Green Waffle adds up to my collection of color recipes! They are super healthy because they are mixed with spinach juice so you'll be like Popeyes! In this waffles you can get some of the benefits of the spinachs such as vitamins and minerals. This can be a great breakfast for those skeptical people … Continue reading Green Waffle

Red Velvet Waffle

You will be asking yourself why red velvet waffles if they are note red? You have a relevant point; they must be read. In the deepness they are read but in the outside they are regular waffles. When I made the batter, its color was a beautiful kind of fushia, but at the cooking time, … Continue reading Red Velvet Waffle

Sweet Potato Ice Cream

This Sweet Potato Ice Cream is super healthy and naturally sweet. It will be a redundancy if I say that the sweet potato make this ice cream peculiarly sweet. I blended 150g of cooked small pieces of sweet potato with 4-5oz chopped and frozen banana. I added an allspice for a better flavor. I topped … Continue reading Sweet Potato Ice Cream

Papaya Ice Cream

Papaya is another super healthy tropical fruit. It is best known for its digestive benefits and is most consume as a shake. This time I made an ice cream. I purely add one banana and one cup of papaya. This two refreshing ingredients make a perfect flavor for me so I did not add vanilla … Continue reading Papaya Ice Cream