Vegan Coconut French Toasts filled with Chocolate Spread and Bananas

If I have Baby Blue Coconut Bread, I have to get the most out of it. This bread drives me so crazy that it blows my creativity. Few days ago I posted the recipe of Almond Spread French Toasts Sandwich and today I am sharing Chocolate and Banana Coconut Sandwich French Toast. For this luscious … Continue reading Vegan Coconut French Toasts filled with Chocolate Spread and Bananas

Chocolate Pecan Muffins

I am really not a muffin lover but these muffins are really worth it! They have the perfect balance between the sweetness and chocolate flavor. They have also crunchy pecan bites. They have a firm texture and I can almost compare it to a cake. This recipe is from the amazing Papaya Sunshine (look for … Continue reading Chocolate Pecan Muffins

Vegans Have Dessert For Breakfast!

Vegans can have dessert for breakfast! This recipe is simple, quick and fun to prepare. It consist of a two layer single serving cake. The first layer is a blonde with a crunchy and sandy texture because of the organic coconut shreds. The top layer is¬†chocolate flavor and the texture is soft and moist. The … Continue reading Vegans Have Dessert For Breakfast!

Rawnola for Chocolate Lovers!

Who are CHOCOLATE LOVERS like me!? As I have been telling you, I am in LOVE with Rawnola. It is so chewy that it does not upset my jaw and it has so many clumps that fascinate me! Like the granola that comes in different flavors, I was wondering if the same can happen with … Continue reading Rawnola for Chocolate Lovers!

A Chocolate Chia Pudding! <3

Yuum, yuuum, yuuum to the Chocolate Chia Pudding! This DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS and FUN Chocolate Chia Pudding is made with unsweetened cocoa powder, a pinch of organic agave and almond milk. Contrary to a regular chia pudding, this one requires more mixing in order for the cocoa to dissolve. It works as an energetic snack or … Continue reading A Chocolate Chia Pudding! ‚̧

Chocolate Pairs With Love

Finally, I could use a pancake mold! Thanks to my sister who surprised me with a hear shaped pancake mold. I made chocolate flavored pancakes because what else can pair with love? The mold is VERY friendly to use. I admit that I was nervous to make a mess but due to my skills (LOL), … Continue reading Chocolate Pairs With Love

Having REAL Cherries For The First Time In A Nice Cream

My first time eating REAL cherries was during my trip to Argentina. hen I was a little girl, I did not like the fake cherries that were used to top ice creams and my sister or dad always eat them. FAKE cherries are unpitted and bathed in red coloring and corn syrup. But when I … Continue reading Having REAL Cherries For The First Time In A Nice Cream

Cocoa Ice Cream

This is my remedy for chocolate ice cream cravings. It is very simple to make and you will not notice it is lactose free, vegan and a 100% natural. It contains bananas and cocoa powder. This ice cream tastes purely chocolate. You can top it with any fruit, butter or nuts. You can make a … Continue reading Cocoa Ice Cream