The Secret To Moist And Fluffy Pancakes

I haven't had banana pancakes in a while! Banana Pancakes, for me, are the BEST pancakes! Not just because I LOVE bananas, but because this fruit adds moisture, fluffiness and natural sweetness to pancakes. Just in case you did not know...bananas are a great substitute to eggs on the baking campus. When mashed, they have … Continue reading The Secret To Moist And Fluffy Pancakes

Classical Nice Cream, The Easiest Way To Start Making Nice Creams

You scream, I scream, we scream for NICE CREAM! Nice Creams have been my salvation during this summer. They always refresh me at any time of the day that I enjoy them. Besides,they are SO HEALTHY because they have a considerable amount of fruits or veggie servings. They are also packed with antioxidant, minerals and … Continue reading Classical Nice Cream, The Easiest Way To Start Making Nice Creams

Peacefully Enjoy A Papaya Smoothie!

August arrived and the heat is on but accompanied with humidity and rain so it makes one sweat sticky. So after a tiring a day delivering orders plus finishing my enrollment at the university, I urgently needed a refreshing and energy packed snack. This smoothie consists of only papaya, water and ice to make it … Continue reading Peacefully Enjoy A Papaya Smoothie!

My adaptation of The Healthy Maven’s Banana Quinoa Breakfast Bars

I had write so many times that banana+peanut butter is the BEST combination ever! These delicious bars from The Healthy Maven have banana, Icadelicias Peanut Spread, oats and quinoa. Wait...did you say quinoa? That's right! Quinoa is not only for salty courses like lunch or dinner. You can also have quinoa for breakfast or like … Continue reading My adaptation of The Healthy Maven’s Banana Quinoa Breakfast Bars

Banana Vegan Cookies are the Best!

Experimenting with vegan cookies recipes, I found out that vegan cookies with bananas are my favorite! These cookies have oats, Icadelicias Almond Spread and of course, BANANA. These cookies are vegan but not raw because they are baked at 190ºC for 15minutes or until golden. As a cute detail, I put a slice of banana … Continue reading Banana Vegan Cookies are the Best!

Banana Vegan Pancakes

This pancakes are smooth and moist full of banana flavor. This breakfast dish is ideal for those banana lovers like me! Bananas are the best food for vegans because it is a nutritional dense fruit with lots of vitamins, nutrients and macros. Bananas also have a myriad of uses in the kitchen and are a … Continue reading Banana Vegan Pancakes

Peanut Ice Cream

Peanuts are the most popular nuts. They are mostly consumed as butter and in cocktails. They are healthy for the heart, and contains healthy fats and protein that are makes us feel full of energy. They are ideal for consuming after or before a workout with a kind of fruit. With peanuts, I can make a lot … Continue reading Peanut Ice Cream

Peanut Butter, Celery and Apple Ice Ceam

Do yo know about Peanut Butter and Co? They are a peanut butter lover company! They have a store in New York where they make delicious and insane dishes, desserts, appetizers, snacks and sandwiches. Between their peanut butter collections they have: smooth, crunchy, with raisins, dark chocolate (my favorite!), spicy and pumpkin (during fall). You … Continue reading Peanut Butter, Celery and Apple Ice Ceam

Peanut Butter and Banana French Toasts

This Peanut Butter and Banana French Toast dish is for those peanut butter and banana lovers. I used peanut flour that I made. I simply grind peanuts in my food processor until they turned into flour. It does not take even three minutes to make. To make the french toasts, I mashed half of a … Continue reading Peanut Butter and Banana French Toasts

Sweet Potato Ice Cream

This Sweet Potato Ice Cream is super healthy and naturally sweet. It will be a redundancy if I say that the sweet potato make this ice cream peculiarly sweet. I blended 150g of cooked small pieces of sweet potato with 4-5oz chopped and frozen banana. I added an allspice for a better flavor. I topped … Continue reading Sweet Potato Ice Cream