Scrambled Tofu


Scrambled Tofu is super nutritious and satisfying. This was my super breakfast for the SAT. It gave me enough energy to think, concentrate and stay calm during the morning. I added veggies and honey to the toasts. That yellow color is for curry!

Tofu is a vegetarian soya based meat. It does not have flavor so you give it the flavor you want. It is preferably to drain it before cooking it because it use to get watery when cooking. Tofu is high in calcium and protein. This food comes soft, firm or extra firm and your choice depends on what you want to do with it. Soft tofu can be use in baking, some cooking recipes and smoothies. Firm and extra firm tofu can be cook as meat. It is easy to digest and you will get the importnat amino acids. It is a very versatil ingredient to have in your refrigerator.

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