Red Velvet Hot Cocoa


This Red Velvet Hot Cocoa i silky and smooth as well as healthy and nutritious. It will leave you satisfied and warmed. For the red velvet effect I used half of a beet and a few strawberries for a sweet flavor and a brilliant color. I blend them with water until well combined and liquid.


Beets are like the cousins of the carrots. they are rich in vitamin A and antioxidants. This root also works as a detox food for the body. It cleanses the blood and your system. When working with beets, be careful with your hands, clothing and working area because they are very juicy and dense in betacarotene so your hands will get fushia. I remember that the first time I used beets I was scared when I saw my hands because I tough it was blood, but then I realized that it was the beet I was cooking.


I always use Cortes cocoa powder which is a local company and is natural and less processed. I sweetened the cocoa with honey and added vanilla.WP_20150402_012

For foamy milk you may use a milk frother. It works when the milk is hot. You put the frother inside the drink and pulse it until the milk rise and bubbles appear.  WP_20150402_015WP_20150402_016

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            yield: 1 person

1T cocoa powder       1/3cup almond milk        1/2cup red velvet drink         1tsp honey      1/2tsp vanilla


Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mix in a cup the milk, vanilla, and cocoa powder. Microwave for 1minute and stir until the cocoa has dissolved. Add the red velvet drink and heat again for one minute. Pour the honey and mix. Now, you can froth the milk if you want.

If preparing in a saucepan, just pour all the ingredients in the casserole until the cocoa powder has dissolved and the drink is hot. Transfer it to the serving cup.


Nutritional facts: 1g fat       6g carbohydrates       3g protein


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