So this is what happens when you do not have organic coconut oil neither organic agave to make your granola…RAWNOLA! Raw-nola is raw granola. It is super easy to do and requires lots of less ingredients and time. This rawnola recipe is an adaptation from RawManda.

First, you must need the differences between the granola and rawnola in order to enjoy it, store it and make it better!

1- The rawnola is chewy instead of crunchy the only element that will bring crunchiness to this rawnola is the nut or seed you add. For some of us (like me) it may be good to have a soft texture granola because our jaw will not suffer. But if you crave for something crunchy, I guess that this will not be ideal for you unless you add lots of nuts or seeds.

2- This rawnola basically consists of oatmeal and dates. There are many rawnola recipes that does not includes oats and are made of just dried fruits (seeds, nuts, raisins, dates, coconut flakes etc). You may add any spice, I added cinnamon (<3). As I always invite you, dare to add lots and different ingredients to make it fun and interesting.

3- When making the rawnola you have to be very careful because you do not want to over process it because if you over process it you will have a dough consistency instead of rawnola crumbs. CRUMBS! That is something that I found easier to form with the rawnola than with the granola.

4- For storing, the rawnola is better kept in the refrigerator and not in your pantry like the granola.

You will get better with practice. Enjoy this granola as a cereal or on top of your nice creams creations or smoothies.



yield: 8 cups

2 cups oatmeal

30 dates

1 cup raisins

1T cinnamon

1 cup pecans


1- In a food processor add all of the ingredients except the pecans.

2- Blend until crumbs formed

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3- Transfer to a big bowl and mix very well with the pecans.

3- Transfer the rawnola to the storing bowl and store in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.