Great News: Now you can have spaguetti and meatballs!

Wooohooo! These Quinoaballs are vegan and gluten free! They are not fried, they are baked. The outside is crunchy but the inside soft. You can eat them with salads, pasta or as a pick me up for an entree dish. You may drizzle oilive oil on top, tomato or pesto sauce or any Icadelicias Spread.

For the Quinoaballs, I used a mixture of milled flaxseeds, coconut flour and cornmeal. After the quinoa is cool, it is very important that you let it cool completely in order to shape them easier. This recipe form Hana Mendes also had chopped onions and…oooooh my…what a great flavor added the onion to each ball!



yield: 15 quinoaballs approximately

2T flax seeds

1/4cup cornmeal flour

2T coconut flour

1 cup cooked quinoa

a pinch of garlic in powder

cilantro to taste

1/2 onion chopped


1- Preheat the oven at 180ºC.

2-Mix all of the ingredients.


3- Add organic coconut oil to the baking pan.

4- Shape the mixture into balls.


5- Let bake for about 30mins.


6- Take them out and serve with your favorite dish or let it cool and store.