Portobello Mushroom Burger

I was so inspired to cook this course although I am not a burger person. I am not a burger person becuase many patties are simple compact vegetables with bread crumbs or flour to make the consistency and they are not dense in protein or healthy fats so I preferred to have my home-made burger patties. Of course, there are some burger restaurants that do prepare healthy vegan patties made with quinoa or chickpeas but they always accompanied the burger with something-fried and I do not eat fried food (except for the sorullitos de maíz). Another thing is that I am very picky with the bread. I do not consume bread that have thousands of ingredients, conditioners for the dough, enzymes nor preservatives and not too many burger restaurants have healthy burger buns.

Short time ago, I went to Burger and Beer Joint at Miramar, Fl with my coach. She really wanted to go this place so I accepted the invitation. For my surprise they have two vegan burger options on their menu. One is made with quinoa and the second one is a portobello mushroom. I wanted to try something new so I ordered the portobello one. When they brought the burger to me, it was a huge portobello mushroom between lettuce, tomatoes and ciabatta burger bun. The portobello mushroom was perfectly cooked with vinegar. I could not eat the whole food, I ate all the vegetables and only one slice of the bread.

Back to Puerto Rico, I put this dish on my “to-do-list”. I went to some food markets to see where I could find a healthy burger bun and those big portobello mushrooms. Obviously, I found the best products at Costco!

Yesterday, after my cardio workout, it was time to refuel my body with a nourishing lunch so I decided to cook this dish or me and my parents because my dad was with me at the apartment and my mom is a portobello lover.

I cooked the mushrooms with soy sauce and apple cider vinegar, sauteed some onion and then assembly the lettuce and tomato with the ciabatta bread. As a side, I ate fermented carrots that i prepared myself. These carrots are delish! You must make them at home: Fermented Carrots; But you can choose other side like these Sweet Potato Wedges or any food that you have in your mind and have available.


yield: 3 people

3 portobello mushrooms caps

drizzle of organic coconut oil

2 T apple cider vinegar

2T soy sauce

3 burger buns

6 lettuces leaves

6 tomato slices

sauteed onions

your choice of side


1- In a hot pan, add the organic coconut oil. Put the mushroom caps and add the apple cider vinegar and soy sauce. Cook them for 5 minutes or until soften, flip and cook three more minutes. Once done, put on top of a ciabatta bread.

2- Add the sauteed onions, tomato slices and lettuce in the other burger bun.

3- Add the side of your choice and enjoy! (preferably with a beer; joke! xD)