Piña Colada Smoothie Bowl


Summer in Puerto Rico is at its peak! The weather is really sunny and hot. So hot that I even went to the beach and enter to the water! Even the mornings are so hot that I wake up! And what a better breakfast that a cold, refreshing and hydrating nice cream!? I did a H E A L T H Y Piña Colada Smoothie Bowl. I emphasized the word healthy because most of the Piña Coladas that you consume are empty sugars from the ‘not real’ pineapple juice and a sugary coconut cream.

But I have the solution for you! This Piña Colada thing is more like a smoothie than a nice-cream because it has more natural pineapple and only half of a frozen banana. For the coconut flavor, I used organic coconut flour, but you may substitute it for Icadelicias’ Coconut Spread or coconut milk when mixing instead of water. I used raaspberries, pineapple cubes and organic and unsweetened  coconut shreds for topping.

Enjoy your Piña Colada at any time of the day and picture yourself on the beach!



yield: 1 serving

1 cup pineapple chunks

half of a frozen and chopped banana

1/4 cup organic coconut flour (you may substitute with 1.5T of Icadelicias Coconut Spread or 1/3cup of coconut milk)

1/3cup of water (if not using the coconut milk)

Additional for topping:

Pineapple cubes


Coconut Shreds


1- In a blender add all of the ingredients and blend until smoothie consistency.

2- Transfer to a bowl and add the toppings.

3- Enjoy!