Pecan Delight Filled Crepe


If you thought that the Pecan Delight Dessert was GLORY, this crepe is even better!

My molasses dough for the crepe is soft, moist and chewy. The flavor pairs perfectly with the pecan filling. When you get to the center…that is where you will see heaven! I topped the crepe with kiwi and raspberries. This delicious dish can be also serve as a dessert.

For serving this crepe, I used this dish that my father brought me to make the food photo shoots. He told me that this dish looks better hehehehe.

Anyways, that was a short story for you to laugh, now I will leave you with the recipe:



For the crepe:

1/4cup wholw wheat flour

a pinch of salt

1/2tsp blackstrap molasses

water for mixing

For the crepe filling:

2T Pecan Delight


Cubed Kiwi




For the crepe:

1- First, turn on a stove top on medium heat and heat a pan with coconut oil.

2- Mix all of the dry ingredients well.

3- Add the water and mix continuously until crepe consistency.

4- Now,pour all of the batter in the pan and let it cook about 5 mins, until the edges start to rise and the center looks firm.


5- Now, you can flip the crepe and cook another minute.


6- Transfer the crepe to the serving dish.


For the filling:

1- Spread the Pecan Delight on a side of the crepe.

2- Roll the crepe


1- Add the topping you prefer and enjoy!