Papaya Smoothie


August arrived and the heat is on but accompanied with humidity and rain so it makes one sweat sticky. So after a tiring a day delivering orders plus finishing my enrollment at the university, I urgently needed a refreshing and energy packed snack. This smoothie consists of only papaya, water and ice to make it very cool. As for topping I added two frozen sliced bananas with Icadelicias Peanut Spread and chocolate sauce that my sister prepared.

She told me that she simply sliced a banana, added a tiny batch of Icadelicias Peanut Spread on top and then added the chocolate sauce which she made by pouring coconut oil into the unsweetened cocoa powder until sauce consistency. Finally, you let them freeze in the fridge for 30mins minimum. This is a great snack or pick me up and also is amazing if use as a topping.

The other  topping was the RAWnola that I am so in love with! I love to take the crumbs and enjoy it without hurting my jaw.



yield: 1 serving

1 cup papaya

water and ice until texture and coolness


Banana Peanut Spread and Chocolate Slices



1- In a food processor place the papaya in cubes and pulse until puree.

2- Add the water until smoothie consistency and then, add the ice cubes until desire consistency and coolness.

3- Pour all of the smoothie in the serving glass.

4- Add the toppings and enjoy peacefully!