Cocoa Pancakes


These are trully cocoa pancakes! I love the dark color they took and you can even add dark chocolate chips. If you are a fanatic of chocolate you will no get plenty of the flavor. One of my favorite steps preparing cocoa pancakes is the dishing because you can pair them up with mostly anything. Be very creative!WP_20150304_005

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       yield: 1 person

For the pancakes:      1/4cup whole wheat flour      1T cocoa      2tsp brown sugar  a pinch of salt        1/4tsp baking soda


For the coffee syrup:    1tsp honey     1/2tsp black coffee


Additional: 1/3cup greek yogurt      1T pistachios     1tsp coconut shreds      strawberries and blueberries



In a bowl mix all the ingredients with water until pancake consistency. Turn on a pan on medium heat and spray coconut oil. Pour a quantity of the batter and cook until bubbles appear. Flip them and cook 30secs more. Transfer them to the serving dish and add the toppings.


Nutritional facts:    6g fat     45g carbohydrates      15.5g protein


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