Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes

Did I read correct?! Yes you did! Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes and they are low fat and low sugar. You do not have to worry about that, Icadelicias cares about your health. These consist of a chocolate pancake batter sweetened with organic agave. Then, you will mix peanut butter powder with water or milk (or half … Continue reading Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes

Pepper Steak Style Tofu with Quinoa and Tomato

This dish was full of flavors!  After a leg workout with weights, abs and then a 20mins hatha yoga, I needed to nurture my body correctly. When lifting, carbs are the best source of energy for those muscles to recover so I choose ttoeat quinoa because it has a good amount of carbohydrates but also fiber, … Continue reading Pepper Steak Style Tofu with Quinoa and Tomato

Berry Granola Pancakes

This pancakes have the whole package! They are smooth, sweet and juicy and also crunchy. Why? Because I had the awesome idea of adding granola and berries to the batter. The granola I used was homemade and I included the link here. I usually and orefer not to buy or consume store-bought granola because they usually … Continue reading Berry Granola Pancakes

Oil Free Granola

Granola is a food that must of us like. It has a nice texture, flavor plus it is very versatil. But unfortunately, store-bought granolas can contain unwanted fats and sugars. In order to control that intake, it is better to prepare homemade granola. The challange is: what recipe to choose that it may not ended … Continue reading Oil Free Granola

Nude Food Clothing Ambassador

Hey subscribers! I am so happy to tell you that I am an ambassador with Nude Food CLothing. This is a start-up clothing vegan brand that impacts community with fun messages about a plant-based lifestyle. Visit their webpage at to know more about them and buy or separate your vegan tank top or t-shirt. They still have … Continue reading Nude Food Clothing Ambassador

Baked Tofu, More Delicious

More savory tofu recipes? Yes! Even for me, tofu can be difficult to enjoy sometimes. Most of the time I use the same spices and same method to eat my tofu. It is basically, turmeric with nutritional yeast or garlic with coconut liquid aminos. At Instagram I had seen many pictures of baked tofu so … Continue reading Baked Tofu, More Delicious

In which side are you? White or Dark?

Which side are you? White or Dark?  I will not judge you. I know that it is a difficult situation. Even if you ask me... I will always go for Chocolate+Peanut Butter. But here I leave you both recipes for you to choose, make them, taste them and choose them. Chocolate Peanut Cups Ingredients: yield: … Continue reading In which side are you? White or Dark?

Coconut Cashew Cups

Just say or ask and Icadelicias will try to make it real. About a month ago a posted the recipe of my Chocolate Peanut Cups and my sister asked/challenged me to make other cups with coconut in the outside and cashew in the inside instead for peanut. Well, I though about the recipe and put it … Continue reading Coconut Cashew Cups

Not Only Delicious But High Protein Mocha Tart

What is a tart? A tart is a dessert that contains a crust and a filling. I found this Mocha Tart recipe scrolling down on my Instagram account (@icadelicias) and could not resist the picture! The recipe is from @maryles_plantry. Although it seems a bit difficult to make, I wanted to give it a try … Continue reading Not Only Delicious But High Protein Mocha Tart

Caramelized Pecans

Who doesn't like Caramelized Pecans? They are a classic in carnivals and candy stores. I remember smelling the sweetness of caramelized pecans each time I passed through a hall from Plaza Las Americas where a candy booth is at. Recently, I had a family dinner and the salad had caramelized pecans. What a delicious flavor … Continue reading Caramelized Pecans