Overnight Quinoa and Chia Pudding in a Peanut Spread jar


After every sadness comes joyfulness. So, like me, you may be sad when you are conscious that you are about to enjoy your las spoonful of any Icadelicias Spread. But even after it is “over” you can take the most out of it! You know that there are always remains of the spread in the walls, borders and bottom of the jar and to use those left overs, overnight oats, chia puddings and even quinoa are a few ideas that you can make with your ‘Almost Empty Spread Jar. On this entry I will show you teh recipe of an Overnight Quinoa and Chia Pudding in a Peanut Spread Jar. The peculiarity of this jar is the quinoa. I did not know and never thought about overnight quinoa. Of course it does not behaves as overnight oats. This recipe is an adaptation from Simply Quinoa. As the name says, on her web page you will find a lot of recipes with quinoa. She is truly a quinoa lover. She deserves a quinoa award! If you want to keep in touch with this tiny but powerful grain, the you should really follow Simply Quinoa without thinking it! Follow her in her Instagram account (simplyquinoa) or http://www.simplyquinoa.com


The first thing you need is an ‘almost empty spread jar’.


yield: 1 person

1T chia seeds

2T almond milk

1/4cup cooked quinoa

cinnamon and agave to taste


a chopped strawberry

few peanuts



1- In the jar add the chia seeds with the almond milk. Put the lid on and shake for it to mix well.

2- Now, add the quinoa.

3- Store in the fridge for 2 hours or overnight.

4- Once ready, add the peanuts and chopped strawberry.