Oatmeal In An Almost Empty Jar


I know how you like to scrape the borders and bottom with you Nut Spread Jar because I do it too!!! But there are MANY other ways to ENJOY the last remaining of your Nut Spread. On the “almost empty jar” you may prepare chia puddings, parfaits or you may serve nice crams, cornmeals or oatmeals! And about oatmeals…I did not had oatmeal sincerely since 4 months ago! Remember that entry about “Cornmeal is my new oatmeal“? Well, watching all those oatmeal pictures on my Instagram feed, made me to enjoy an oatmeal after 4 months! What a BETTER way (FUN and DELICIOUS) to ENJOY my oatmeal than in an “almost empty CASHEW SPREAD JAR!?

I cooked the oatmeal in my small casserole with a hint of cinnamon and organic agave. When serving, I put it carefully, in the jar and topped it with berries! Taaadaaaa!



yield: 1 person

1/3 cup oatmeal

2/3 cups water

a hint of cinnamon and organic agave


An “almost empty jar”



1- In a small pot cook the oatmeal with the water, cinnamon and organic agave on medium heat.

2- Once cooked, carefully, transfer it to the jar and topped it with berries!