Icadelicias Nuts Spreads

On September 2015 I started my business of Nut Spreads. It burgeoned from the necessity of Puerto Rican vegan citizens to have a high quality source of essential fats and vegan protein. The product only contains the nut and grapeseed oil. In other spread like Chocolate Peanut or Walnut, I use organic agave. Icadelicias Nut Spreads are  great for diabetics and people with high cholesterol because nuts help to lower cholesterol and balance the sugar. My product is vegan and gluten free and the Pistachio Spread is sugar free. Icadelicias Nuts Spreads can be consume in many ways and dishes like: spread, dip, for pancakes or oatmeal, for cooking meat or tofu, for sauces or dressings and for dessert recipes or just to enjoy a tablespoon. In my blog you can find many recipes that will help you to incorporate them on your daily diet.

Each Nut Spread last 8 months and do not need refrigeration even after opening. Is very important to stir the oil on top that separates naturally.

The product is packed in an 7oz crystal jar and I ship in or out of Puerto Rico. If your order three or four Nuts Spreads the shipping is free. I also do deliveries at Caguas, Río Piedras or San Patricio Plaza with a minimum order of six jars. You can place your order by calling or texting to 787-513-0433. You may also leave a message trough Facebook or e-mail: icapaola@gmail.com. You may also buy any of them at www.artisanisla.com. The payment methods are: PayPal, ATH Móvil or cash.

Chocolate Peanut $6 (on stock)

Ingredients: Salted peanuts, unsweetened cocoa powder, organic agave and grapeseed oil

Best uses: breakfast, sweet cravings

wp_20161010_010 Pistachio $10 (on stock)

Ingredients: Salted pistachios and grapeseed oil

Best uses: toasts, dips, sauce, meat

wp_20161001_024Walnuts $6 (on stock)

Ingredients: Raw walnuts, organic agave and grapeseed oil

Best uses: breakfast, meat

wp_20161010_012 Pumpkin Spice $10 (out of stock, only from September until December)

Ingredients: Raw Cashews, grapeseed oil, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cloves, ginger, turmeric

Best uses: french toasts, pancakes, oatmeal