Nice Cream Parfait


My Nice-Cream Parfait looks totally different as the original picture from Papaya Sunshine and may also taste very different, but the essence, nutrition and fun is right there. She created this unique Cookie Dough and Chocolate Peanut Butter Breakfast Parfait and I made my own version of it because I love to make her recipes. I used granola and blueberries as the middle layer and topping. The first layer of this vegan parfait is a frozen banana and Icadelicias Hazelnut Cocoa Spread (you may use any other Icadelicias Cocoa Spread). The layer of the bottom is a frozen banana with oats. Oats added a nice texture to the meal.

This Nice Cream Parfait is delicious, refreshing and energizing. The first chocolate layer is soft while the oat ice cream contrasts the texture. The granola adds crunchiness and the blueberries add flavor, juiciness and antioxidants.

I just want you to remember to be creative! Dare to try other fruits and flavor for your ice creams to create this parfait. Take this recipe as a guide to create your own parfait and enjoy!



yield: 2 servings

Oat Layer:

1.5 frozen and chopped banana

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup almond milk

1tsp vanilla essence

Chocolate Layer:

1.5 frozen and chopped banana

2T Icadelicias Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

3/4 cup almond milk





1- First, add all of the ingredients to the food processor for the oat layer.

2- Blend until smooth and divide into two glasses.

3- Add granola and blueberries.


4- Now, add the ingredients for the chocolate layer in the food processor and blend until smooth.

5- Divide the nice cream into both glasses.


6- Finish your parfait with more granola and blueberries.