Naan Bread with Spring Mix, Lentils, Tomatoes and Olive Oil


Seriously, I do not eat bread since Summer, about five months ago! But I had been having some bread cravings lately and I do not know why!? It is too curious for me because when I crave something, for example, a fruit, vegetable or even chocolate, I am certain that is necause I need a vitamin, micro or macro nutrient, but bread!? I can’t explain, maybe I need that type of carb, texture, or I need gluten in my life (LOL, kidding). This time, I killed my craving with a naan bread which is mostly used in mediterranean dishes like hummus, olive oil, and other types of dips or spreads. I topped this bread with POWERFUL and NUTRIENT DENSE ingredients like spring mix, lentils, baby tomatoes and olive oil.wp_20161113_024


yield: 1 serving

1 naan bread

1/3 cup cooked lentils (your style)

A bunch of spring mix leaves

Some baby tomatoes

A drizzle of olive oil.


1- If you prefer you can heat the naan bread in the oven for 10mins (5mins on each side), or toast it in a pan.

2- Place it on the serving surface.

3- Add the spring mix, lentils, tomatoes an olive oil.