About Me


Hi! I am Angelica Claudio Palacios form Puerto Rico. I am a free spirited girl who loves to have a healthy lifestyle. In September of 2015, I started my own bussiness of nut spreads. After finding myself as a Nut Spread Artisan, Icadelicias had a restructuration. I started by being vegetarian and currently am in the transition of being vegan. Consequently, I needed to update the blog philosophy in order to provide you vegan, fun, nutritious and delicious recipes. Also, I want this blog to be a guide for you to know how to use Icadelicias Nut Spreads. 

I am also a professional ballerina. I started dancing at the age of three and am currently training with Caroline Pacheco for receiving an offer for a company in the United States or Europe. As a dedicated ballerina, I train about 4 hours daily and two days, twice, so I have to take care of my nutrition in order to have energy for a satisfactory class, rehearsal and of course, performance. My Nut Spreads are a boost for after and during training and ideal before training for replacing the energy. Having these two lifestyles combined, make up my logo, which means a healthy balance between nutrition and excrcise.


I hope you get familiar with me after reading this! Feel free to comment and share the posts. You may also write me to icapaola@gmail.com for recipes or questions.

Wish u always love, happiness and blessings!

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