How To Start A Vegan LifeStyle

The transition from carnivore to vegan is not easy nor fast. It takes time, discipline and determination. Many people think that veganism simply implies to stop eating sources from animals. Well, let me tell you that, that statement is one of the concepts of veganism. Veganism is a lifestyle which with time you develop a consciousness between your connection with nature. It is a philosophy in which you respect nature and learn to coexist with it.

Now, more seriously, it is a fact that humans cannot live without protein. Protein or as I better say, amino acids, are the key for the human to evolve, grow, think and develop. Lets start remembering that out DNA is made of amino acids! So the transition needs to be done cautiously in order for your body to not enter in a shock or ‘survival’ mode.

Lets begin with my story…I was a normal girl who ate meat and also in fast foods but at the age of fifteen, I started to take care of my nutrition. By 2012, there was a rise in Puerto Rico about the fake meat that the fast foods offered in their establishments. Starting from that, I stop