Heart Shaped Pancakes


Finally, I could use a pancake mold! Thanks to my sister who surprised me with a hear shaped pancake mold. I made chocolate flavored pancakes because what else can pair with love?

The mold is VERY friendly to use. I admit that I was nervous to make a mess but due to my skills (LOL), the dish resulted perfect.  From one serving, I could make three heart shaped pancakes.

How to use the mold? Prepare your cooking pan as you normally do. Place the mold in the pan and pour the batter until it spreads completely through the mold. Let the batter to get firm completely and carefully, with a spatula remove the mold. Wait another minute to flip the pancake.

And that all! See how easy?

I spread Icadelicias Pecan Spread on top of the first pancakes and topped it with kiwis and a fig in the middle of the heart!



yield: 1 serving

1/4 cup whole wheat flour

1.5T unsweetened cocoa powder

1tsp blackstrap molasses

1/4 tsp baking powder

a pinch of sea salt

water for mixing


1 T Icadelicias Pecan Spread

1 Kiwi cut in small pieces

a fig


1- In a bowl mix all of the ingredients with the water until consistency.

2- Turn on a pan on medium heat and drizzle organic coconut oil.


3- Put the mold in the pan and pour the batter until it spreads through out the mold.

4- Wait 4mins until it looks firm.


5- Carefully, with your spatula, take out the mold and wait one more minute for the pancake to stabilize.

6- Flip the pancake and cook one more minute.


7- Transfer the pancake to the serving dish and repeat the process with the remaining batter.



8- Add the Icadelicias Pecan Spread on your last pancake. Then, add the kiwi pieces and finally, the fig.