Ginger and Molasses Pancakes


Incredibly sweet, gingery and moist. So far these are on my Top Three list of Pancakes. They are sweet and juicy and last too mention but not least, they are super healthy. Ginger is a miracle root with many benefits for the human body. On the other hand, molasses is another sweet viscous liquid that deliver energy and many important minerals to pur body. When combined, you get a super healthy Ginger and Molasses Pancakes! I topped this healthy packed pancakes with almonds and apples with a drizzle of molasses. Molasses are the syrup of the sugar cane. It taste can be bitter but when cooked it turns sweet. I make small pancakes in order to have a big tower and make it funnier.


yield: 1 person

1/4cup whole wheat flour      1tsp molasses     1/2tsp grated ginger     1/4tsp baking soda    a pinch of salt     1/4tsp cinnamon, nutmeg and vainilla 2tsp  brown sugar      ginger water for mixing

Toppingsl: 1T almonds     fruits      1/2cup greek yogurt      1tsp molasses



Mix all the ingredients for the pancakes. For the ginger water simply blend a piece of ginger with water until the ginger dissolves. You can solute it with more water or concentrate it by blending more ginger.


Spray coconut oil in a hot skillet and pour the batter. When bubbles appear, flip them and cook 30secs more.


Transfer them in a dish and topped them with your toppings as pictured.


Nutritional facts without the fruit: 4.5g fat     36.5g carbohydrates     16.5g protein


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