French Toasts

You would be asking yourself, what is doing a ‘French Toast’ entry on a vegan blog? Well, let me tell you that us, vegans, can eat french toast too! Of course, not with the traditional recipe but yes with a delicious flavor. Vegan french toasts can be make by preparing a mixture with food that cannact as an egg. For example, flax, chia seeds or bananas and of course vegan milk. Coconut is the best to use because of the thickness but any other will also perfectly work.\

 Almond Spread Sandwich French Toasts

InstagramCapture_958e7e89-6746-4288-b2ce-c0ab297dc046 Coconut Vegan French Toasts


img_1042 Vegan French Toasts

 Coconut French Toasts filled with Chocolate Spread and Bananas