Baked Apple


I think this is a very cute dessert, meal or breakfast. It was very easy to do and really fun. When I cut out the core of the apple, I added cinnamon in the bottom. Why? First, I LOVE CINNAMON. It is a useful spice that serves as a sweetener, fights cravings and regulates the sugar in the blood. I baked 200g of gala apple, for easier results try a not too firm apple. It is easier if it is more mature because it is going to be tastier and softer. I baked the oats with ginger water and then topped it with pecans.



yield: 1 person

200g apple

1/3cup oatmeal

1/3cup ginger water

1/2tsp cinnamon

2tsp chopped pecans



1- Turn on the oven on 300°F.

2-Then, cut the bottom part of the apple to make it stable and remove most of the pulp of the apple in order to make space for the oats.

3-Now, add the cinnamon to the bottom part.

4-Carefully, add the oats and the water.


5- Put the apple in the oven for 20 mins.

6- Take it out of the oven with the help of a towel and put in the serving dish.

7- Add the chopped pecans.


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