Espresso Cocoa Peanut Spread Vegan Pancakes


Espresso Cocoa Peanut Spread Vegan Pancakes? It has a loooooong name, but what if I told you that they should really be named as Espresso Cocoa Peanut Spread Fudge Vegan Pancakes. That is a way longer, but lets call them only as the main ingredient: Cocoa Peanut Spread Pancakes :D. Many of you always ask me,

“What can I do with these nut spreads?”

You can really do a looooot of things with them. You just have to put your imagination and creativity to work. I always tell them that any butter is perfect for sandwiches and fruits but each one has its own personality. For example, the Cocoa Peanut Spread is more for sweet things like pastries or ice cream. I developed a pancake recipe for you to use this incredible nut spread.

I cooked the pancakes to receive my sister who came from Portugal and since she is not vegan, you will see two ways of topping them, one with greek yogurt and other with almond yogurt. This pancakes are vegan. I used chia and flax seeds so you get essential amino acids and fats. The batter also have coconut oil, honey and pure cocoa powder. I used half water and half almond milk for mixing. The result is a batch of fudgy pancakes like you were eating a brownie and you won’t believe it is a vegan breakfast!


Ingredients:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              for 2 people, makes 9 small pancakes

1/2cup whole wheat flour        1tsp baking powder          1/3-1/2tsp salt and nutmeg          2T cocoa powder        2t coffee flour      1T chia seeds      1Tflaxseeds      2T honey 2t cocoa peanut spread         2t oconut oil       about 1/2cup water and 1/2cup almond milk



In a small glass leave the flax seeds with 1.5T of water. In the mean time, mix all of the fry ingredients and mix until the cocoa powder is well distributed. Then, add one by one the liquid ingredients including the flax seeds in water and stir. Carefully, add the water and almond milk until you get a nice pancake consistency.


Now, turn on a pan on medium heat and drizzle coconut oil. Pour an amount of the batter in the pan and let cook until they look firm and ready to flip and cook one more minute.


Remove form the pan and transfer them to a serving dish.


Add the yogurt and fruits and enjoy!