Eggplant Filled With Hummus


Eggplant is a purple vegetable rich in antioxidants. This vegetable is an excellent source for vegans and vegetarians. Eggplant can be cooked in multiple ways and you can make extraordinary dishes with it. I make this filled eggplant with a homemade hummus. This dish is ready in only 15mins. It depends on the compliments that you add if it is an appetizer or main course. You can fill the crepe with other ingredients such as rice, couscous, quinoa, tofú or a mixture of vegetables. On top of the hummus I added chopped leeks and paprika.

I boiled for three minutes an eggplant chopped into half. Then, I removed the pulp with a spoon and filled it. Since in the center are the seeds, I plant them in my garden.



1 eggplant          1/3 cup hummus          2 chopped sleeks         a pinch of paprika



Cut an eggplant into half and cook until tender for three minutes.


Transfer it to a glass with cold water and ice to stop cooking. Scoop the meat of the eggplant store it in a container to be seeded later.


Turn on a pan and drizzle coconut, olive or a nut oil. Now, cook the eggplant halves in the pan until brown. Turn off the stove top and transfer the eggplants to the serving dish. Add the hummus and finally add the chopped sleeks and paprika for color.