Dirty Chai



I had never taste the Dirty Chai or even heard about it until last Christmast 2014. Every December 29 my sister of life make a sleep over named Midnight Margarita. It is a tradition since we were on fourth grade. We are five inseparable friends that know each other since kindergarden but became friends since first grade. Our pre-kinder teacher named us Las Juanas as a reference to the novel of hte five sisters named also Las Juanas. Since then, we had been unbreakable and had share many unique and pretty moments between us.

Back to the Midnight Margarita… of course we did not drank margarita until last year when we were all 18year teenagers. That is our typical way to celebrate New Year.

The next day, after our hangover, our dad cook us brunch! You named it: pancakes, greek yogurt, honey, fruits, bread, franch fries, whip cream, sautted potatoes, juice and coffee. But the coffee is the speciality of our mother. She asked us if we wanted a Dirty Chai. My sister is a Chai love and me a coffee lover so we said yes. She used chai in powder, a shot of coffee and soymilk.

The flavor was delicious, amazing and very peculiar. I had two Dirty Chais!

Eventually, I tried to make my own dirty chai at home. I can have the same flavor but with a more natural flavoring and with my own personality. So the essence is in the spices you use but you can play with the quantity according to your preferences. You may also use milk instead of water. I did not include a coffee measurement because I think that is personal to everybody. Sometimes we like a darker coffee or a lighter coffee.

Spices for the Chai:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  yield: 1cup

2 allspice pepitas       2anis star      2cinnamon sticks       1 clove       a pinch of nutmeg       ginger zest to taste       1cup of water

Procedure:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Turn on a cassserole with the water and let it boil. Then, add the spices, turn off the burner and let the spices to infuse for 10mins. After, you can use the infusion inmediatly or store it in a glass jar for later use.

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