I am a person that can eat breakfast anytime of the day. This is my favorite meal to cook and to eat. I do not know why but I enjoy it so much and specially with a cup of coffee by my side! Us, Puerto Ricans, are a  breakfast lover society. Puerto Ricans love brunches and at any time of the day we can eat pancakes, crepes, eggs, anything that has to do with breakfast. 

Arroz con Dulce

WP_20140825_002 Banana Ice Creams

WP_20160429_006Breakfast Almond Cake

wp_20161128_006Breakfast Double Layer Cake

WP_20160825_010Breakfast Energizing Parfait

wp_20160908_016Chocolate Chia Pudding

wp_20161001_005Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge

20160501_133957 Cornmeal With Chia Pudding In An “Almost Empty Jar”


French Toasts

20160701_184259Nice Cream Parfait


Vanilla Vegan Pancakes Topeed with Pecan Spread Ice Cream (3)Pancakes

Vegan Crepes


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