I am a person that can eat breakfast anytime of the day. This is my favorite meal to cook and to eat. I do not know why but I enjoy it so much and specially with a cup of coffee by my side! Us, Puerto Ricans, are a  breakfast lover society. Puerto Ricans love brunches and at any time of the day we can eat pancakes, crepes, eggs, anything that has to do with breakfast. 

WP_20140825_002 Banana Ice Creams

WP_20160429_006Breakfast Almond Cake

wp_20161128_006Breakfast Double Layer Cake

WP_20160825_010Breakfast Energizing Parfait

wp_20160908_016Chocolate Chia Pudding

wp_20161001_005Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge

20160501_133957 Cornmeal With Chia Pudding In An “Almost Empty Jar”


InstagramCapture_958e7e89-6746-4288-b2ce-c0ab297dc046French Toasts

20160701_184259Nice Cream Parfait


Vanilla Vegan Pancakes Topeed with Pecan Spread Ice Cream (3)Pancakes

wp_20161006_005Pumpkin Spice Quinoa Porridge

WP_20160421_006Vegan Crepes


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