Cornmeal With Chia Pudding In An “Almost Empty Jar”


My grandmother loves cornmeal. It is her favorite food and when I eat it I remember of her. Eating cornmeal makes me feel cozy, warm, happy and familiar. Maybe is because it reminds me my lovely grandmother.

This breakfast is a little bit different from the “Almost Empty Jar” recipes because instead of being a cold course, it is hot. I used a Pistachio Spread ‘almost empty jar’. First, I prepared a chia pudding with almond milk and store it in the fridge for it to thicken. While it thickens, I cook the cornmeal in a small casserole. Once it was cooked, I added it to the jar with the chia pudding and finally topped with with kiwi cubes.

I used local cornmeal, Amapola, that I bought in the fair of Made in Puerto Rico, which was a fair held in Plaza las Américas with the concept to have a small market of only packed or made products in the Island. I bought 5lb of Amapola cornmeal for only $3.50. This product only contains cornmeal so it is a healthy carb and has many uses for cooking.



yield: 1 person

an ‘almost empty spread jar’

1/4 cup cornmeal

1/2cup of water

1T chia seeds

1.5 T of almond milk

chopped kiwi cubes


1- Add the chia seeds and the almond milk to jar and mix carefully with a spoon.

2- Close the jar and put it in the fridge.

3- Now, make the cornmeal in a small casserole. Add the cornmeal with the water and mix until the cornmeal has dissolved.

4- Turn on the stove top on medium heat and cook until the cornmeal is done. You may add any spices for or more water liquid if necessary.

5- Turn off the stove top.

6- Take out the jar of the fridge and open the lid.

7- Carefully, pour the cornmeal into the jar and topped with kiwi cubes or any other fruit.