Cornmeal French Toasts

Who likes cornmeal!?  These vegan french toasts are coated with cornmeal which gave them a nice vanilla flavor, a slightly crunchy texture and a good consistency. Just whisk the cornmeal with vegan milk and spices, soak the bread and let them cook at both sides until firm.

I made a sandwich with almond butter and coconut yogurt. I topped this course with PB powder blended coconut yogurt, kiwi and berries.

You can never go wrong with this breakfast. Show the World that vegans enjoy french toasts too!


2 slices of your favorite type of bread (I used multi-grain bread)

For the mixture:

1/3 cup vegan milk

your favorite spices to taste (I use nutmeg and cinnamon)

1T cornmeal

To spread:

1 T almond butter

1 T coconut yogurt

Optional toppings:

a kiwi

some berries

1/4 cup coconut yogurt

2 T PB powder


For the french toasts:

1- Whisk the vegan milk, cornmeal and spices together.

2- Spread the almond butter and yogurt in a slice and topped with the other one, just like making a sandwich.

3- Turn on a pan on medium heat and spray coconut oil.

4- While the pan is warming, cut the sandwich in a half and let it soak until completely damp.

5- Cook in the pan for one side for more less 4 mins or until the cornmeal started to create a texture. Flip the french toast and let cook the same way.

4- Once done, transfer it to the serving dish.

For the PB yogurt:

1- Mix the PB powder with the yogurt until the PB has dissolved.

For assembly:

1- Placed the cooked french toasts as desired. Add the PB coconut yogurt on top and add the kiwi and berries.