Colorful Pasta

When I was little, pasta was my favorite course to eat but now I prefer to cook it at home. Therefore, I can control the portion and the macros on my pasta dish. As you may had read in other posts, I do my grocery shopping at Costco. I bought a few months ago a package of pasta with six pasta packages and until now I had only used two of them! I am not a pasta lover anymore but if I crave pasta, I cook it at home.

I cooked this pasta only with turmeric powder and that is why you may see it a bit yellow color in the pictures.

I used a pasta pot for cooking them but I think that next time, I am going to use a normal pot and then drain them with a colander because how difficult it was to clean that pasta drainer!

When eating pasta, 90% of the time, I choose a green sauce (pesto is my favorite) In this occasion, I did a Romaine Lettuce Sauce. I had many romaine lettuce in my fridge because again…Costco. The sauce has many spices but the main one was basil. I think that basil is the perfect leave for sauces.  A pesto sauce is not a pesto sauce if it does not has basil in it and for red sauces, basil adds the perfect touch. My grandparents grew basil (the purple one ) in the backyard so I am able to pick fresh and healthy basil leave. Another ingredient and this one is secret…is spirulina! Yep, I added spirulina to my green sauce. So if spirulina is a super food, does my sauce can be considered as a super green sauce?  Maybe. For those of you who are not familiar with spirulina, it is an algae that contains almost all of the amino acids. It is so good for the health that it is considered a super food.

Spirulina does not affects the flavor of the sauce it just affects the color by turning it greener. I always buy this product at Amazon because I cant rust the quality and they have the best price. To add them on your foods, simply open the capsule and pour the dust.

You chose the pasta, chose the sauce and the third step is to choose your colors (vegetables). I used fermented red peppers that had already been 8 days in the process. I had already made a first batch but this second batch was waaaaay mooore delicious. The texture and flavor were so much better. I think it was because I added more garlic to the second one.

I assembly all of the ingredients individually in my serving bowl. I had 2/3 cups of pasta, 2 T of sauce, fermented red peppers until the dish was colorful enough and some black olives.


yield: 9 servings

a package of pasta

a dash of turmeric powder

For the sauce:

2 romaine lettuce without the bottom part

1 T basil leaves

1 t mint leaves

1 t rosemary leaves

1 T olive oil

2 tsp garlic


Fermented Red Peppers

Black Olives


1- Cook the pasta for 9 minutes with water and the dash of turmeric.

2- In the meantime, add all of the ingredients of the sauce to the blender and blend until everything is well mixed. Transfer to another recipient and set aside.

3- Once the pasta is done, drain it.

4- Serve 2/3 cups of the pasta in your serving dish, stir in 2 T of the sauce. Then, add the fermented red peppers and black olives.