Cold Brew Coffee

Ever tried an iced coffee? I was refused to drink iced coffee because I was deeply in love with my lattes and cappuccinos. The effect of happiness that brought an americano was unchangeable. I also thought that drinking iced coffee was like destroying the essence of what is the experience of drinking pure coffee. But this summer those thoughts change. When you live in a tropical island, there will be a moment when you will have to drink iced coffee.

And do not confuse iced coffee with frappuccinos! Although they are both cold beverages, they are totally different. A frappuccino has crushed iced and the texture is like a shake while iced coffee is coffee with ice.

My dad and sister are 5k runners. They raced once at 6am in the Old San Juan. We woke up too early to have breakfast so I just woke up, get ready, got into the car and slept again until we arrived the place. Once I had “wake up”, I decided to go for a breakfast. The first place that came to my mind was Starbucks! It was too early. I knew they were open and I needed that coffee. I started walking and walking and walking…I did not realize it was about 2miles away. The morning was beautiful and sunshine. I started to sweat and to top, I had a long sleeve shirt. Finally I arrived to the Colón Square in the Old San Juan and in three minutes I was in Starbucks. I took a deep breath to smell the coffee aroma and to get energized. Of course I wanted a coffee but I was too hot and exhausted for a hot coffee so I said that the time to taste an ice coffee has arrived!

I ordered an ice black coffee. Sincerely, I did not expected too much and more less the effect of euphoria or delight. I sat down and I had my first sip. It was incredible. It was super refreshing and delicious! I felt mouth open. The flavor was conserved and rich on that cold coffee.

After that they, I started to drink ice coffee in my house in those times when I was craving coffee but where too hot or in those hot mornings.

I brewed my hot coffee and added ice in the cup or served it with the cold milk. But the last week I read an article from Food 52 about Cold Brew Coffee and their recipe. I did not know that you can save time by preparing your cold coffee without the necessity of using warmth. I also learn the properties of the cold brew coffee. One of them is that the acidity is less and the flavor is strong. There are two ways of making a cold brew coffee. One is in a bowl and with a mesh and the other one is with my best friend, the french press. I am going to leave you the link of Food 52:

The importance of this recipes is the time that you leave the coffee with the water. This time is when the coffee infuses with the water so it is ideal to leave it overnight.

Recipe for the french press:

Scoop your coffee into the jar of the french press. Now, pour the water and close the french press, but do not press. Let it overnight in the fridge or at least four hours. Finally, press down and it is ready to serve!

Recipe with a bowl:

Add the ground coffee too a big bowl (according to the amount of coffee you want to make). Add the water and cover it for four hours or overnight. Then, take the bowl and filtrate the coffee over a pitcher with cheesecloth over it. Pour the coffee in the serving cup and drink as preferred!

You can also make your Cold Brew Coffee flavored with cocoa. Therefore, you can enjoy a Mocha without sweating!

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