Cocoa Peanut Spread Chia Pudding


Chia is a seed high in omega-3, fiber and high quality protein. They are peculiar because they plump when they absorb liquid, and that is basically how you make a chia pudding! Any chia pudding include chia seeds and water, juice or milk. For one serving, one tablespoon of chia seeds will be ok. The ratio of seeds to liquid may be 1:1.5. I made this chia pudding in an ‘Almost Empty Jar of Cocoa Peanut Spread’. I mixed the chia seeds with almond milk and topped it with strawberries. This recipe is perfect for a light, yet fulfilling meal.


yield: 1 person

You need a 4oz recipient

1T chia seeds

1.5 T almond milk

2 chopped strawberries



1- Add the chia seeds with the almond milk in the jar. Close the jar with the lid and shake.

2- leave the chia pudding in the fridge for minimum 1.5hour.

3- Take out of the fridge and add the strawberries.