Cinnamon Roll Crepes

Cinnamon Roll Crepes for breakfast!  I still haven’t bake real cinnamon rolls but I am willimg to (promise) I had save some recipes but the procedure seems complicated and requires time. So I am planning to make them on a rekax Sunday when I can dedicate love and time to this famous dessert. In the meantime, I am pleased with Cinnamon Roll Crepes. I spreaded a little bit of Icadelicias Pistachio Spread and cinnamon, rolled them, cut them and iced them with cashew yogurt. I had a side of sliced mango.

These crepes are soft, juicy and wonderfully delicious.


1 serving

1/4 cup flour

3T pea protein

1/4 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp cinnamon

a pinch of sea salt

Water for mixing

Additional ingredients:

Icadelicias Pistachio Spread

Cashew yogurt

More cinnamon

Fruit of choice


1- Prepare your crepe batter by mixing the ingredmixingfrom the first section until consistency.

2- Turn on a stove top on medium heat and sprayed coconut oil in the pan.

3- If possible, pour all of the batter in the pan and cook until the edges are crispy. Then you can flip amd cook another minute. If you could not pour all of the batter, don’t worry, just repeat the process.

4- Once done, transfer the cooked crepe to your serving dish. Add the nut butter (as much as you want) and sprinkle cinnamon powder. Roll the crepe and cut in pieces (like sushi). Finally, add the cashew yogurt on top and garnish with your choice of fruit.