Christmas Nice Cream


I love playing with colors in my dishes. I think that having a colorful course enthusiasm more to eat, it looks prettier and so it is more appealing. For a nice cream, there are millions of flavors and creations because your imagination is unstoppable.

In honor of the Christmas Season I created this green and red nice cream. I always add vegan protein powder to nice creams because it makes it a complete, healthier and satisfying dish. The red color is made with strawberries and the green color has lettuce, kiwi and spirulina. I topped this nice cream with organic and local orange and my rawnola.



yield: 2 servings

For the red color:

2 frozen and chopped bananas

about 2/3 cups frozen strawberries

a pinch of water just to help the blending process

For the green color:

2 frozen and chopped bananas

some lettuce leaves or spinach

a whole kiwi chopped

powder from a spirulina capsule


your favorite toppings



1- In a food processor add all of the ingredients for the red color.

2- Once completely blended, add the batch in two serving dishes.

3- Repeat the process for the green color nice cream.

4- Add the toppings you most like and enjoy!