Chocolate Peanut Cup Waffles

No, I am not obsessed with PB and chocolate  What makes you think that?! I recently posted my recipe of Chocolate Peanut Cup Pancakes and I had the idea of making it as a waffle. The idea really appeared because yesterday’s night my roommate cooked waffles and it smelled very good.

Basically, the procedure for this waffle is to pour the chocolate batter, then the PB powder in the middle and again the remaining of the batter on top and let cook during 5mins.

This waffle itself has 28g of vegan protein.

I enjoyed them with cashew yogurt, berries and peanuts.


1 serving

1/4 cup flour

2T pea protein powder

2T unsweetened cocoa powder

2tsp maca powder

2 tsp organic agave

water for mixing

For the PB Mix:

2T PB powder

1 or 2 T water

Additional ingredients:

1/4 cup cashew yogurt

1/2 cup berries

1 T peanut


1- Turn on your waffle iron for it to be hot once you pour the batter.

2- Mix all of the ingredients for the waffle and add the water slowly until consistency.

3- Mix the PB powder with water in a small recipient and set aside.

4- Pour half of the waffle batter into the iron. Add all of the PB mixture in the middle of the waffle and pour again the remaining mixture of the waffle.

5- Let cook for 5mins. After 5mins, you suppose to be able to transfer the waffle to the serving dish.

6- Add your preferred toppings. I used yogurt, berries and peanuts. But you may add more PB, chocolate and other fruit.